We offer a variety of advertising opportunities to house sellers and to the commercial sector.

·         We invite sellers to advertise their properties on our site without cost. In the event that the property is sold through our marketing efforts we ask a commission fee of 3% of the selling price. In order that our site is not compromised we do not permit sellers to place their own advertisements. We therefore require photos and information that can be uploaded. If this is not available we are happy to visit the property and gather this information. We also provide valuations.       

·         We invite the commercial sector to place advertisements and links on our site. This may be of particular interest to banks, mortgage brokers and property developers as well as hotels. This can be arranged on a monthly payment system or on a per click basis.

Please note that our site is available to domestic and overseas clients particularly throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Contact us for advertising rates and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.